KFC: World’s Smallest KFC


A huge cultural impact from a teeny, tiny store.


The video quickly garnered two million views.

But we didn’t stop there. KFC was the first brand to actually bring the mini food video to life through a real-world event.

At just 43 inches by 32 inches by 27.5 inches, the World's Smallest KFC served real food—Extra Crispy Tenders in a $5 Fill Up—to its customers at a grand opening event.

Tiny mashed potatoes, tiny fried chicken, tiny biscuit, tiny cookie, tiny Dr Pepper, tiny spork, tiny booth, tiny trash can, tiny cash register, tiny floor mat—these were just a few of the tiny things inside the World's Smallest KFC.

The restaurant pop-up appeared on Google maps. It made it to the front page of Reddit. The campaign garnered 120 million earned impressions.

That’s pretty big for something so small.

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