Our Workforce Data: 2021 - Q2


Making ADMagic with Charity Pourhabib


"I'm Sorry"

Addressing the racial discrimination/xenophobia Asians are facing in the wake of COVID-19.

Election 2020

A roundup of election-related creative from W+K

Our Workforce Data: 2020 - Q3

Our Workforce Data: 2020 - Q2

Black Lives Matter


Commit To Fighting Racism Now


We Are: A Look at Black History Month Through The Programming of W+K Noir


We Are Next Podcast Episode #118: James Ramseur, Integrated Comms & Media Planner at Wieden + Kennedy


More Than Courage

An Introduction to Wieden+Kennedy's Affinity Groups


W+K Film Series: Ayesha Nadarajah

W+K Film Series in partnership with On She Goes hosted Ayesha Nadarajah, co-director of the Emmy-nominated VR documentary, Traveling While Black.


W+K Film Series: Hannah Utt

W+K Film Series in partnership with Epoch and Dexter Randazzo from Department of Sales recently hosted director Hannah Utt for a screening of her new film, Before You Know It.


Momo Pixel Talks Hair Nah

A Portland art director reminds people it's not ok to touch her hair, and creates a viral blockbuster.

Of Monkeys And Men

(Emmy-winning!) W+K creative director Jimm Lasser’s first doc, Long Live Benjamin explores the unlikely connection between artist and animal.

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