More Than Courage

An Introduction to Wieden+Kennedy's Affinity Groups

+PDXSeptember 4th 2019

This past spring in Austin, TX, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, also known as the LBJ Presidential Library, hosted the Summit on Race in America.

Civil rights icons gathered with esteemed leaders, activists, musicians, comedians, and other artists for open, candid discussions on the failures, progress, and challenges our country faces on race today. While no exploration of the complex issue can be definitive or complete, the summit brought together a myriad of voices to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges our country faces.

Wieden+Kennedy was invited by our friend and partner Glenn E. Singleton to give a presentation on the power of advertising to drive racial justice and social change (watch here). In this presentation, we explored the importance of affinity groups within our organization and how these groups are integral to creating lasting cultural change around diversity and inclusion.

Our five affinity groups (Asiancy, We+Black, Latinx, W+Kweer, and 51%) are the inspiration behind the video below, “More Than Courage.” Created and produced by Jeredon O’Conner, Rebecca Russell, Jes Marquez, and Farin Nikdel, the video exemplifies the power and impact of these communities.

Below are the mission statements from each of our Portland-based affinity groups. These are the people doing the work and making the space for their communities within our agency and beyond. Look for more content and conversation featuring our affinity groups in the coming months.


Our group exists to further connect Wieden+Kennedy’s Asians and Asian Americans with one another, strengthen knowledge and ownership of our racial and ethnic heritages, and build awareness within the agency and our local community of Portland.


A W+K collective for the Black diaspora, We+Black was established to enhance the Black experience, encourage equality, celebrate each other, strengthen our community, and share our diverse culture.


The W+K Latinx Club is here to promote cultural awareness of the Latinx-identifying people in this agency and their allies. We are here to highlight issues that are facing our community, bring awareness and education of the different cultures that exist within the community, as well as bring people together who share an affinity for the Latinx culture.


W+Kweer is an inclusive group of LGBTQIA members and their allies who work to benefit W+K employees, the Portland creative industry, and the region at large. Our mission is to promote equity and positive representation through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and community-building activities and events.


51% is an open forum for Wieden+Kennedy women to connect through common interests, shared information, and enrichment, supporting both career and personal growth.

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