TurboTax: 2019 Tax Season Campaigns


Do-it-Yourself, Assisted, English, or Spanish—TurboTax Has You Covered

For TurboTax’s sixth consecutive year in the big game, we debuted RoboChild, a robot creation who dreams of being more than a robot. Throughout its evolution, RoboChild goes from being an in-progress robot to one who dreams of being a CPA. However, as it turns out, it isn’t quite as ready as his papa thought. The spot shows how, even if it’s all RoboChild dreams of, he can’t be a CPA because all TurboTax CPAs are real, live people.

It’s part of a larger campaign effort that features the same three tech-savvy friends demonstratinges how technology and humans can come together to ensure you have a great tax experience. With TurboTax, experienced, licensed CPAs and EAs can be at your side to help with questions along the way and even review your tax return before you file.

In another campaign, The Power of Free focuses campaign focused on TurboTax Free edition. From father-son talks to courtroom drama and spelling bees, we replaced every word with “free” to remind taxpayers that TurboTax Free is, well, free.

As America’s number one free tax-preparation provider, TurboTax has an offering for every taxpayer, and this year’s campaigns were meant to highlight those offerings, with tech millennials, touching moments, jingles, and more.

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