Shiseido WASO: All Things Beautiful Come From Nature


To launch a new product for a new audience, we created a digital/mobile campaign that fused nature, technology and art.

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Shiseido is a Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1872 with products available in 88 countries. With its new WASO line, the company sought to create not just a skincare line for millennials, but products designed to promote beauty from the inside out.

To connect with an audience that this brand had never talked to before, we created a digital-first campaign that transcended the idea of “digital”—a multi-platform, and visually innovative expression of natural beauty.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a film that was also an art installation. Directing collective Dvein worked with professional botanists to bring to life a living, breathing garden. Sensors translated the growth and motion of the garden’s plants into a 3D-printed sculpture that grew in real time. It was nature combined with technology to create art.

“Really needs to be experienced on two levels: the visceral and the intellectual.”


Multimedia artist/skateboarder/photographer/filmmaker/musician/designer Julian Klincewicz created a natural and personal portrait of our young audience in a digital content series called "On The Road," and photographer Viviane Sassen combined the natural elements of WASO with the faces of a new generation in the print element of the campaign.

We crafted an Instagram feed that grew the WASO point of view and the connection with our audience daily, and we also created the packaging for the new product line that reflected a simple, but enduring aesthetic.

The campaign was featured across media from Tokyo to Paris to New York. “All Things Beautiful Come from Nature” connected Shiseido to a new audience, and showcased a new approach to beauty, and beauty marketing.