Nike: Run It


Unleash your passion, push your limits, and become impossible to ignore.

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Nike Korea released “Run It,” a film featuring an original rap anthem and music video, as part of a campaign to showcase athletes who have defied convention to find their own path to success. “Run It” celebrates those who follow their dreams by unleashing their passion and pushing their limits in order to become impossible to ignore through sport.

The song and music video is a collaboration between Nike and Jay Park, a renowned Korean American rapper and hip-hop artist.

“Run It” features Shim Suk-hee, who is on a quest to achieve another gold medal in short-track speed skating after winning gold, silver, and bronze in Sochi; Han Hyun-min, Korea’s first half-Korean, half-Nigerian model; Jessi, a top Korean female rapper; players from the South Korean National Ice Hockey Team; and Choi Hyun-mi Choi, world-champion female boxer and North Korean refugee.

The film also features several Korean icons who stay true to themselves through individuality and self-expression, including choreographers J-Black, who challenges gender stereotypes by dressing up as his alter ego J-Pink; his wife, Mary; and Ember, a famous tattoo artist defying odds in a country where tattoos are controversial.

Nike hopes to empower young Koreans to confidently express themselves through sport or any outlet they choose in a way that makes them impossible to ignore.

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