Netflix: House of Cards


To get fans excited about the final season of House of Cards, we created Easter eggs across TV and real life.

First up, we launched a limited-edition commemorative plate, complete with 22-karat gold details and its very own late-night infomercial. The infomercial debuted on October 30 during The Late Show with Stephen Colbert while live operators fielded calls, helping fans reserve their free President Claire Hale Underwood Commemorative Plate. With each airing, more and more people took to Reddit and Twitter, trying to get answers about the mysterious commercial.

The spot has continued to appear on late-night local TV during shows like The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal.

Next up, we laid the beloved character of Frank Underwood to rest beside his father at Oakland Cemetery in Gaffney, South Carolina—bringing the universe of the show into the real world. Underwood’s headstone will exist here permanently, and it was accompanied by an obituary in the Gaffney Ledger.

There was also an article in the Harvard Crimson (Hale Underwood’s alma mater), written by the Crimson writing staff and featuring interviews from her former classmates and professors.

And, last up, a statue of President Claire Underwood was temporarily erected in her home city of Dallas, Texas, at the local airport for Highland Park. Bringing together the show’s universe and our own, the statue is flanked by the US and Texas state flags and adorned with a bronze plaque. It reads “Claire Hale Underwood of Highland Park, Texas — the 47th President of the United States of America.”

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