W+K's Greatest Hits 2021

(as chosen by our employees)

December 17th 2021

This year, we wanted to do something a little different from a traditional year end work round-up. So we asked our employees, what work do you think stood out above the rest? What was your favorite campaign from each of our offices?

And that is what you'll see below. The top pieces of work from each of our eight global offices as chosen by our employees.

We hope you enjoy W+K's Greatest Hits 2021!

Duolingo roll Homepage

W+K Amsterdam

Our employees really, really love the idea of a toilet paper-based language-learning tool. So much so they chose W+K Amsterdam's Duolingo Roll as the #1 campaign of the year.

Duolingo Roll animation 03
Duolingo Roll animation 02
Duolingo Roll animation 01

W+K Delhi

W+K Delhi and Johns Hopkins India tackled vaccine hesitency and misinformation with their 2021 campaign, "You Got Vaccinated, Right?" ("Teeka Lagwaya Na?"). The campaign relied on real people sharing their experiences and was our employee's #1 pick from our W+K Delhi office.

W+K London

Our employee's #1 pick from our W+K London office was Nike's "The Toughest Athlete," a film that illuminates the correlation of sport and motherhood through the lens of more than 20 mothers across various stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys.

W+K New York

BTS stays winning as the #1 employee pick from our W+K New York office. The collaboration brought the BTS McDonald’s order to life around the globe with 2 new sauces and limited-time special packaging.

W+K Portland

This Is Indian Country takes the #1 spot for W+K Portland. Launched during Native American Heritage Month in November 2021, the American Indian College Fund's new visibility campaign was designed to increase awareness of and conversation about Indigenous people and issues especially at a time when Native people are still not seen and heard by most Americans. Learn more about the campaign here and be sure to visit

W+K São Paulo

Brazilian skateboarding phenom Rayssa Leal stars in Nike "New Fairies," the #1 pick out of our W+K São Paulo office.

W+K Shanghai

There's no arguing that the Nike Chinese New Year campaigns out of our W+K Shanghai office are always memorable. 2021 was no different and our employee's agreed, dubbing "Make Your Own Fortune" the top campaign of the year. Read all about it here.

W+K Tokyo

Part of Nike's Play New campaign, W+K Tokyo's “New Girl” starts by showing the commonplace reactions of family members to the news of a new baby girl on the way, only to be ultimately inspired by powerful female athletes who are carving a new path for the next generation of Japanese women. It was our employee's #1 pick from our W+K Tokyo Office. Who run the world?

That concludes our 2021 W+K Greatest Hits! The results were close in every office, so just for fun, here's a list of each of the campaigns that finished in a very close second place:

W+K Amsterdam - Nike - The Land of New Football

W+K Delhi - HP Omen - Gamerkind, Humankind Needs You

W+K London - Nike - Kid's Play Lab: Imaginary Sports

W+K New York - Anheuser-Busch - Let's Grab a Beer

W+K Portland - Call It Covid - A Word

W+K São Paulo - Old Spice - Se Você Ama Seu Amigo (Brotection)

W+K Shanghai - HP Omen - Frenemies

W+K Tokyo - IKEA - Tiny Homes

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