Our Workforce Data: 2020 - Q3

August 1st 2020

Our founders, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, were clear on our mission from the start, "To create a place where people could come and live up their full potential. Where they could do the best work of their career because that place relished freedom, diversity, and unpredictability." - Dan Wieden

Dan wanted to support and protect a workforce that mirrored the demographic of the country this agency served. We have work to do before that dream is fulfilled.

Here are some of the areas we are working on:

Representation. Overall and in leadership. We will hire, nurture, and champion more diverse people. We will promote and pay them their worth. And we will share our successes and our failures publicly.

Culture. We will do the work required to achieve greater racialized consciousness. We will celebrate diverse cultures and prioritize joy within our walls.

Influence. We will use creativity to fight white supremacy and racist systems of violence in our work, our community, and our lives.

We commit to change.

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