"I'm Sorry"

Addressing the racial discrimination/xenophobia Asians are facing in the wake of COVID-19.

+NYCDecember 4th 2020

“I’m Sorry” is the latest project from WKA, a Wieden+Kennedy NY Asian affinity group. It’s a book that addresses the racial discrimination and xenophobia Asians face in the wake of COVID-19.

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This book was born out of an uncomfortable truth. COVID-19 didn’t create a new wave of racism, it simply unveiled what was already there. Our goal with this book was to create awareness and educate readers by illustrating what the world looks like through the eyes of an Asian American, living not only in the midst of a pandemic, but in a country where our “Americanness” is contingent on what we have to offer.

The book revolves around a tenet of many Asian cultures: to protect the wellbeing of others, even at the cost of one’s own self. This idea manifests itself in various ways, ingrained in the way Asian people are brought up from a young age, well into adulthood. Apologizing, even when not at fault is one pervasive example of this. This book looks to turn that on its head.

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