You Are Someone's Friend
October 16, 2014
The most important thing you can be is a friend.
Citizen Watches
Chasing Horizons
October 01, 2014
No matter where you are on Earth, the Citizen F100 adjusts to the current time zone in just three seconds. To demonstrate the watch’s unique ability, Citizen, acclaimed documentary director, Tristan ...
First Step
August 07, 2014
Starring Ayumu Hirano (snow boarder), Sara Takahashi (ski jumper), Naoto Morishige (soccer player), and Suguru Osako (runner), the film encourages youth to take the first step and challenge themselves.
Citizen Watches
Better Starts Now
July 22, 2014
For 84 years since its foundation in 1930, CITIZEN has never stopped moving forward, believing “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better”. Better Starts ...
Gunyari battle
June 01, 2013
"GUNYARI" is a Japanese word to describe the sound of flexibility, twisting or bending, all key attributes of the Nike FREE 5.0. This all-day running event culminated with an amazing performance ...
Make Them Talk
March 06, 2013
This campaign serves to inspire baseball players and youth to not be afraid to stand out as an individual for their hard work and dedication in a culture that focuses on the efforts of a team as a whole. ...
Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Nurturing Hands
November 01, 2012
A story told through the hands of a mother, as she grows more confident as her hands handle the many daily tasks while raising her child.
Free Face
April 20, 2012
To illustrate the unrivaled flexibility of the new NIKE FREE footwear, we launched a web application that allows you to bend, twist and control the NIKE FREE using the power of your face. The stronger ...
Own Tomorrow
January 20, 2012
Since the March 2011 earthquake, society and culture have undergone rapid changes in Japan. In particular the youth have woken up and are looking to take control of their lives by doing things they are ...
Tokyo Lab
Remix Your City
January 04, 2012
Armed with their Fresh Push Play iPhone App, HIFANA took to the streets of a once again bustling and vibrant Tokyo to sample the city sounds, followed by an electrifying live set at night performed with ...