Bossa Crispy
April 22, 2018
The Extra Crispy Colonel is back and he’s bronzer than ever, thanks to his new floating promotional vessel, the K.F.Sea. George Hamilton reprises his role as the sun-drenched Colonel to launch a new chicken sandwich and sell the extra crispy lifestyle all summer long.
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New York
Delta Air Lines
Pilot Talk
June 27, 2018
Delta flies to more places out of NYC than any other airline. To help get that message across, Delta Air Lines took over a Williamsburg wall at N 10th & Wythe with an eye-catching OOH execution that gives participating passersby a chance to win a trip to any of the 132 destinations Delta flies to from NYC.

The airline has teamed up with Australian designer Karan Singh (famous for his bold, vibrant ...
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São Paulo
It's Time To Believe
September 26, 2016
Filled with innocence and optimism, comes a film from W+K São Paulo concerning Brazil's present situation and it's future outlook.

It's time to believe.
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Formula 1
Engineered Insanity
March 16, 2018
First teased by fans through their personal social accounts, Engineered Insanity shines a spotlight on the innovation, endurance and elemental nature of the sport, putting superfans at the visceral heart of the action, as though they are the ones battling it out from behind the wheel.
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Live What You Love
March 08, 2018
Highlighting many layers and richness of people pursing their passions all over India, Live What You Love brings to life people who are passionate, optimistic, constantly looking for more ways to be better at their individual interest areas and those who want to be more.

Four 60-second films celebrate normal, complex, individual people doing extraordinary things that you wouldn’t normally associate ...
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Royal Enfield Motorcycles
January 03, 2017
The Classic 350 is one of the most loved motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Looking back into our decades old legacy, we have given the Classic a makeover taking cues from the motorcycles produced at Redditch, Royal Enfield's birthplace in the UK.
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Run The World
March 29, 2018
The people of Shanghai rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they saw a person running on top of a 50 meter tall giant spinning globe. His running made the world go round and as he ran faster the world spun faster.

The stunt “Running makes the world go round” marked the launch of Nike’s new running campaign “Choose Go” and introduced Nike Epic React to a wider audience in China.
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Run It
January 31, 2018
Korean mega stars Jay Park, Jessi and Woo Won-jae created an original rap anthem and accompanying sport-driven music video with one simple message: Don't just play the game. Run it. The anthem features a variety of athletes, influencers and people who represent modern Korea.
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