New York
Delta Air Lines
March 02, 2018
Runways celebrates Delta customers who get out into the world to chase after new experiences, while encouraging others to do the same. Oscar-winning actor Viola Davis’ indomitable and steady voice reminds viewers that good things come to those who “go” as the viewer experiences takeoff through travel experiences across the globe at increasing speeds.
Bud Light
Bud Knight
February 02, 2018
Hark! A hero arriveth to smite thine enemies and pick up thy 24-packs. Bud Light's 2018 Super Bowl Trilogy comes to a finale with Bud Knight.
January 30, 2018
Few things are more important than your battery-powered, noise-canceling headphones​ ​on a long flight. Directed by Tim and Eric, the spot continues to show the worst that can happen without the trusted ...
Big Taste
January 24, 2018
When it’s the bottom of the Sprite commercial, and the refreshment game is on the line, and Thirst is up, who do call in? Big Taste aka Lebron James.
Bud Light
Ye Old Pep Talk
January 19, 2018
The king inspires his loyal subjects in a time of great distress.
January 04, 2018
OkCupid's first ever marketing campaign launched with the goal of subverting the common moniker “DTF” by empowering people to redefine the “F” for themselves. The online and in-real-life ads will ...
Commitment, A Collection
January 01, 2018
We partnered with designers Virgil Abloh, Shayne Oliver, stylist Mel Ottenberg, and so many others, to create seven one-of-a-kind items made from actual commitment. The Scrubs Sweatsuit. Leisurewear ...
Island Without Power
December 22, 2017
​Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico leaving most of the island without power for months. ​After the storm hit, Duracell PowerForward trucks arrived on the island for the largest deployment in program ...
Christmas Is Chaos
November 27, 2017
Without Duracell batteries, Christmas is chaos​.​ No one understands that better than Santa himself, and in this :60 film directed by Andreas Nilsson, he imagines what would happen without delivering ...
Bud Light
Pit of Misery
November 22, 2017
If you can't count on a friend to bring Bud Light to the Pit of Misery, then that's not a friend you can count on.