Electronic Arts
FIFA Feel The Game
September 15, 2014
So close to the real thing, FIFA 15 takes fans on an equally dramatic ride as their favorite players. Immersing them in the game’s world so they literally feel and experience the emotion of every tackle, save and goal. Fans are plunged onto the pitch for an in-game view of the action, separated only by a thin television screen. The action also seeps into their environments; when it rains in the ...
Enough Said
September 02, 2014
From a man who meets a dessert from high velocity and becomes a human cherry, to a tap dancing flea named Ricardo, to a heavy metal parrot that blows a speaker. With offers that clearly speak for themselves ...
Arda Turan the Turkish Magician
June 16, 2014
ALAKAZAM! Playmaker Arda Turan is known for his magical style of play and has been named “The Turkish Magician”. To coincide with Nike’s launch of the new Magista boot, we showed Arda’s magic on ...
Electronic Arts
Be The Next American Hero
June 14, 2014
The FIFA World Cup™ turns every sports fan on the planet into a patriot, especially in the United States of America where soccer’s popularity is booming and millions are getting behind the US Men’s ...
The City
May 11, 2014
A single man embarks on a city adventure with only the missing cards of a mysteriously beautiful woman to guide him. Each card takes him deeper into the neon heart of the city but will his wild woman-hunt ...
May 02, 2014
Lead by Heineken’s Chief Orange Officer – a job filled by a lucky applicant to fulfill the yearlong role at Heineken’s Amsterdam HQ- an extraordinary Dutch Float in a Brazillian Carnival beings proceedings ...
April 30, 2014
With the widest range of incredible golf resorts on the planet, golf fanatics can ensure they’ll find that perfect spot where they can sleep, eat, talk and play this beloved game.
April 28, 2014
Jen, who loves her partner Brian, but doesn’t necessarily love the same type of holiday he does. Will she miss him or thanks to, will this be her vacation of a lifetime?
Legendary Posters
April 03, 2014
These are not your ordinary posters. They have travelled the globe, played Fire Tennis with Jimmy Connors. Kite surfed in Cape Verde with the sports' World Champion. Gone all the way up to space. And ...
Team Building
February 21, 2014
A well-booked accommodation can make up for just about anything. Even getting shot by pink pellets.