September 25, 2015
Anyone can be a marathon runner. All you have to do is run a marathon.
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New York
Gold Rush
August 15, 2015
This summer only, Equinox is offering a new Gold Membership - one year of the best of everything the club has to offer, from personal training to massages to products from their Shop, and more. The catch? You can't buy it, it has to be earned.
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São Paulo
Door Lock
June 02, 2015
Want to watch the UEFA Champions League game together? Make sure you bring Heineken to unlock the door.
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Who Cleans The Cleaner?
August 10, 2015
Every year dishwashers clean over 8,000 dirty items.
But who cleans the cleaner?
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The Match
February 23, 2015
It's UEFA Champions League tonight and a rough and tumble crew of football-mad sailors are heading off shore just as the big game kicks off. Can one man save match night and help his shipmates watch the game in style?
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Indian Government
Make In India
October 10, 2014
Make In India, takes an overworked phrase and turns it in to a powerful call to action reflective of modern India. Derived from India’s national emblem, the prowling lion stands for strength, courage, tenacity and wisdom—values that are every bit as Indian today as they have ever been.

Makeinindia.com encompasses a massive amount of detail and includes content that covers 25 sectors, along ...
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Better For It China
July 13, 2015
Sport is tough on you, especially when you’re a Chinese woman starting
out. The fear of failure, losing face or being laughed at are just some
of the social obstacles that women in China face. Taking cues from the
global “better for it” message, we created a campaign that shows women
that it’s ok to not be great in the beginning because we all have to
start somewhere and somewhere is usually ...
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September 01, 2015
Korean youth are told that there is one path to succeed. No one realizes how brave, powerful, strong and capable this generation really is. Sport is a way to unleash their potential, find their voice and silence all doubters.
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