Old Spice
Smell Like A Man From Head to Toe
July 14, 2014
Whether you’re a real human man or a fake human man, when you use all the Old Spice products all over your body, you will smell like more of a real human man than ever before.
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New York
Heineken Light
Neil Patrick Harris
July 21, 2014
Heineken Light, the 2013 World Beer Championship's Best Tasting Light Beer is delicious. It's really too bad Neil Patrick Harris, due to complicated rules and regulations, isn't allowed to drink it on camera.
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São Paulo
Tomorrow Starts Now
July 14, 2014
The energy of Olympic athletes inspires athletes from all sports to dare to be Brazilians and to believe in their goals. Tomorrow starts now.
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Because No Reason
July 13, 2014
Why does the flamingo stand one one leg? Because no reason! Our new Chambord campaign tips a chapeau to the brand's Frenchness, giving it a surreal twist and a playful new personality. Bof!
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Arda Turan the Turkish Magician
June 16, 2014
ALAKAZAM! Playmaker Arda Turan is known for his magical style of play and has been named “The Turkish Magician”. To coincide with Nike’s launch of the new Magista boot, we showed Arda’s magic on and off the field. In two films we dive from the football pitch to a 1920’s magic performance where Arda takes the stage. Whether it’s slicing a man in half or escaping the most death defying corner, ...
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The Skin Issue
March 12, 2014
The eleventh issue of Motherland sits close to the bone, touching on the border between the world and ourselves: Skin.

In India the skin colour bias is so deeply ingrained into our formative years that it spills into personal histories, quietly shaping daily rituals. And it is these rituals around which this issue circles, looking at the social commentaries that can be derived from any idea of beauty ...
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Tiffany & Co.
Unlock The Possibilities
July 07, 2014
Tiffany Keys partnered with famous Chinese portrait artist Yu Hong, who is known for her interpretations of the modern women.
The films document Yu Hong painting portraits of Li Na, Zhang Ziyi and Li Yuchun, who represent the new generation of China, sharing their personal moments when they realized their inner strength and unlocked the possibilities they see in the world.
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Gunyari battle
June 01, 2013
"GUNYARI" is a Japanese word to describe the sound of flexibility, twisting or bending, all key attributes of the Nike FREE 5.0. This all-day running event culminated with an amazing performance on a giant set of turntables that were big enough to run on. The performance featured such entertainment acts as Tomoyuki Tanaka (FPM), HIFANA, BIGDOGSS, and many more.
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