Value Colonel
December 20, 2017
For the first time since launching its rotating Colonel campaign, Kentucky Fried Chicken has tapped an unknown actor, Christopher Boyer, to play the role of Value Colonel. By not spending money on some fancy celebrity Colonel, KFC is passing those savings on to the valued fried chicken consumer.
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New York
Thirstiest Time Of The Year
November 16, 2017
Sprite Cranberry, the non-traditional holiday favorite, is back for a limited time to​ ​deliver cold refreshment as the merriment heats up​. ​To celebrate its return, we launched​ ​“Thirstiest​ ​Time of the Year”​ ​which​ ​includes animated caricatures of basketball superstar LeBron James and hip-hop​ ​artist DRAM.
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São Paulo
It's Time To Believe
September 26, 2016
Filled with innocence and optimism, comes a film from W+K São Paulo concerning Brazil's present situation and it's future outlook.

It's time to believe.
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Powerball Versus Life
April 04, 2016
Finish Powerball is well-equipped to deal with life's most celebratory and trying moments—from breakups to birthdays—and the dirty dishes they create.
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The Glenlivet
The Whisky
September 25, 2017
To establish the new brand platform for The Glenlivet, we created ‘THE Whisky’, an integrated global campaign which takes a deep dive into those experiences, moments and things that can only be described as definitive.

These experiences can take almost any form: meeting the one, landing the job, going on the trip. The parallel with The Glenlivet – the definitive single malt whisky – is ...
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Royal Enfield Motorcycles
January 03, 2017
The Classic 350 is one of the most loved motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Looking back into our decades old legacy, we have given the Classic a makeover taking cues from the motorcycles produced at Redditch, Royal Enfield's birthplace in the UK.
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BMW Marathon
November 12, 2017
BMW China gives every runner in the Shanghai marathon a personalized art piece by using their individual running data to celebrate their achievement, encouraging them to “LET THE WORLD SEE OUR ENERGY.”
In China, BMW is not only one of the most beloved car companies but also has profound history with running. Thanks to BMW, if you run the Shanghai marathon this year you will get a personalized ...
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June 09, 2017
W+K Tokyo handled the launch of WASO, a new skin care line targeting youth from Shiseido brand. Shiseido is a Japanese cosmetic company founded in 1872 with their products available in 88 countries. The campaign compose of talents such as Viviane Sassen and Julian Klincewicz who have helped create strong visual and film contents for the project. Targeting the generation of “digital native”, WASO ...
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