The W+K Top Ten Super Bowl Ad Countdown
January 25, 2016
We've created over 50+ Super Bowl commercials for 15 different clients in our nearly 34-year history. Woah, that's a lot. So this year, we thought we would round up some of our best-loved.

Join us as we reminisce over our top ten favorite spots, as selected by our Portland ECDs: Mark Fitzloff and Joe Staples.
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New York
Beat The Best and Win an Andy
December 10, 2016
To win an Andy Award you'll have to beat this campaign. First, we’ve
made the most perfect film. The cinematography, the editing, the
special effects, the art direction, the copywriting, the unexpected
twist - it's all perfect.

And then, a perfect website. This website is a continuous work of art,
encouraging you to upload your own personal touch through video,
photos, music and more. Go ...
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São Paulo
A Kick In Every Bite
September 15, 2015
With one bite, a 5Star candy bar may make you think you can do anything, but actually, you can’t.
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Life's A Shindig
December 03, 2015
Celebrating a fine reputation as a "dinner-party crisp".
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October 21, 2015
Milka’s getting a new shape in Russia- a rounder one with fewer corners and fewer sharp edges, and more room for tenderness.
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Indian Government
Make In India
October 10, 2014
Make In India, takes an overworked phrase and turns it in to a powerful call to action reflective of modern India. Derived from India’s national emblem, the prowling lion stands for strength, courage, tenacity and wisdom—values that are every bit as Indian today as they have ever been.

Makeinindia.com encompasses a massive amount of detail and includes content that covers 25 sectors, along ...
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November 08, 2015
Shanghai is definitely not the easiest place to run in. The streets are filled with obstacles like pedestrians, hawkers, tourists, scooters and taxis. But rain or shine, streets filled with obstacles, tourists and scooters, Shanghai runners are unstoppable.
To celebrate this unstoppable spirit Nike China and W+K Shanghai created a series of art pieces to showcase the stories of the unique individuals ...
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September 01, 2015
Korean youth are told that there is one path to succeed. No one realizes how brave, powerful, strong and capable this generation really is. Sport is a way to unleash their potential, find their voice and silence all doubters.
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