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Infected By Music
July 21, 2016
Featuring the original song in collaboration with Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto and Los Angeles producer and DJ Jauz, the 3-minute ‘Infected’ music video aims to get people fired up for Tomorrowland, ...
Take Me Home
May 12, 2016
Meet the handsome and fearless mountaineer Anton, the anxiously waiting Cookie Time clock, glitz and glamour loving Fluffy, wise and sweet Grandpa and the always hungryMama Bear.
Booking Right
February 15, 2015
A perfectly booked accommodation can shape a persons life and show you what life can be like when you get it Booking Right.
The City
May 11, 2014
A single man embarks on a city adventure with only the missing cards of a mysteriously beautiful woman to guide him. Each card takes him deeper into the neon heart of the city but will his wild woman-hunt ...
The Voyage
June 03, 2013
The Voyage is the fifth installment of Heineken’s Legends brand campaign, which inspires Heineken drinkers to be travelers, not tourists. Set in colorful India, the film follows the Legend arriving in ...
January 24, 2013
Travel and accommodation planning can be a gamble and getting it wrong can ruin your vacation entirely. Dubbed Booking.yeah, the campaign transforms the word “booking” into an adjective for the sheer, ...
Crack The Case
September 23, 2012
The Crack the Case film sets up the legendary encounter that sees Heineken come face to face with James Bond in their most Legendary collaboration yet. The film opens in a train station with the Heineken ...
The Date
May 28, 2011
"The Date" follows the Heineken legend as he woos his stunning date on an epic journey—a glamorous tribute to all magical dates and legendary nights out.
Open Your World
January 12, 2011
With this "Open Your World" campaign, Heineken recognizes the legend in all of its drinkers. Men who know their way around and recognize a fine beer when they taste one.

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