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Legendary Posters
April 03, 2014
These are not your ordinary posters. They have travelled the globe, played Fire Tennis with Jimmy Connors. Kite surfed in Cape Verde with the sports' World Champion. Gone all the way up to space. And ...
Electronic Arts
It Just Got Real
November 03, 2013
FIFA 14 on new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 feels alive so what better way to illustrate this next generation technology than bring a player from the game to life? features the world’s ...
Roll Out Happiness
October 01, 2013
The dullness of gray is an all too present fixture for those of us who live in concrete heavy urban cities. In the latest global installment for Coca-Cola's "Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" ...
Coke Music
July 23, 2013
Coke Music, a teen-focused platform that provides a foundation and consistent voice for the brand’s global music programs, has a new, dynamic visual identity system that can reinvent itself time and ...
January 24, 2013
Travel and accommodation planning can be a gamble and getting it wrong can ruin your vacation entirely. Dubbed Booking.yeah, the campaign transforms the word “booking” into an adjective for the sheer, ...
Here Is Now Everywhere
March 05, 2012
Beeline’s Unlimited Mobile Internet tariff lets consumer do more, wherever they are, so ‘here’ is not confined by a physical space anymore. The ‘Here is now everywhere’ campaign consists of TV, ...
Electronic Arts
Hot Pursuit
November 03, 2010
Utilizing some familiar faces, the EA GAMES global campaign features Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara – stars of HBO’s Entourage – playing gamers-turned-valets who park the world’s most beautiful ...
Electronic Arts
FIFA 11 “We Are 11”
October 05, 2010
This integrated campaign brings the online team-play to life across digital, print and broadcast. Whether you are 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 gamers, with FIFA 11 can you get the emotion and excitement of eleven-a-side ...
Electronic Arts
FIFA10 How Big Can Football Get?
September 01, 2009
Staggering gameplay statistics show that two million FIFA games are played every day and last year alone 40,000,000 goals were scored. We’re asking the world one question—just how big can football ...
Electronic Arts
Need for Speed SHIFT
September 01, 2009
“From The Inside Out” is a terrifying visceral experience that thrusts the viewer straight into the race car drivers physiology. Shot by Nieto, the creative intentionally strips away all music, voiceover ...
How we respond is who we are
How we act, what we say builds a picture of who we are. And nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the digital world.
This campaign’s goal is to humanize technology by reminding us that our responses are an important element of our identity.
BASF have come to us to help them define their global voice, and we’ve found it rooted in their own culture. They are already improving our lives one molecule at a time, so we’ve just needed to create an honest campaign. That’s why we’ve invited our audience to rediscover the wonder of chemistry, shared the magic of invention embedded in each one of BASF’s products, and simply -and proudly- signed each piece with their name and raison d’être: BASF. The Chemical Company.
Our goal was to put delivery innovation back into the Domino’s playbook. With the BFD Builder, consumers could visually build their perfect pizza, then send it to Domino's, and 30 minutes later the exact pizza was at their doorstop. Visitors could also register their pizza for others to order. The person who registered the pizza with the most orders got 500 bucks.
Once someone placed a pizza order, the site launched the Pizza Tracker - giving customers the ability to track its status, step by step, in real time, all the way down to who at Domino's was putting their pizza in the oven or who was delivering the pizza.
This campaign was based on the hoax that a bear -symbol of Madrid- was running free in the streets. The website allowed users to get under the skin of a runner and experience how the menace of the bear became an extra motivation to run the popular race of San Silvestre Vallecana.
The website is no longer online, but it was on of the most successful interactive campaigns of 2004 winning, amongst other awards, the Grand Prix of Cannes.
This film is a search for the origins of vodka, which, contrary to popular opinion, might not be Russian. After WWII, vodka became an instrument of soviet domination behind the iron curtain. More than half a century later it still lies at the center of the tortured history of Russian-Polish relations.
With Bad Company, Battlefield incorporated humor to its plot for the first time. Just like in 1970's 'Kelly's Heroes' Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas go AWOL to rob gold behind enemy lines, players of the game were invited to get what they wanted while they fought a war. To make sure nothing got in their way, 90% of the environment could be blown out.
With this in mind, the banner campaign couldn't be constrained to 728x90 pixels, right?
Quick Challenge was the first Facebook game created for EA Sports as part of an advertising campaign. Users could play with the assets of the game Grand Slam Tennis to engage with their friends in a simple yet entertaining showdown in the Centre Court of Wimbledon.
This integrated campaign was created around the story of the video game's protagonist Faith, a beautiful yet jaded free runner that exists on the rooftops of skyscrapers' high above a future dystopia. The TV, print, OOH, and online components plays with the elements of perspective as we take Faith and gamers past a point of no return.
Gray, grau, gri, šedá, グレー no matter the language, it represents the dullness in our cities, the lack of imagination, the routine of everyday life. How can we overcome it and invite people in a gray city to cast aside their worries and live in the moment?
We decided to build a pop-up park in the midst of a gray business square and encouraged people to take off their shoes to relax with their feet on real grass. A vending machine rewarded those who were up for it with a refreshing bottle of Coke. Needless to say, children as well as adults, bachelorette parties, groomsmen and brides, old people, young people, people on bikes, grumpy people and happy people alike were all eager to remove their shoes and share a Coke.