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Andrew Miller
Born in Portland, Oregon and raised on organic foods and free range education.

Played four years of varsity baseball and basketball in high school.

Tried out with the New York Yankees and Houston Astros as a pitcher.

Graduated from the Wieden+Kennedy 12.4 experiment.

Working on Nike as a creative since 2008.
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W+K Work
Gunyari battle
June 01, 2013
"GUNYARI" is a Japanese word to describe the sound of flexibility, twisting or bending, all key attributes of the Nike FREE 5.0. This all-day running event culminated with an amazing performance ...
Make Them Talk
March 06, 2013
This campaign serves to inspire baseball players and youth to not be afraid to stand out as an individual for their hard work and dedication in a culture that focuses on the efforts of a team as a whole. ...
Vapor Trail
January 17, 2013
There is something moving insanely fast out on the pitch. It’s creating a legendary trail of carnage in its wake. It’s pulling up the grass, lifting defenders into the air and taking the stadium with ...
Free Face
April 20, 2012
To illustrate the unrivaled flexibility of the new NIKE FREE footwear, we launched a web application that allows you to bend, twist and control the NIKE FREE using the power of your face. The stronger ...
Own Tomorrow
January 20, 2012
Since the March 2011 earthquake, society and culture have undergone rapid changes in Japan. In particular the youth have woken up and are looking to take control of their lives by doing things they are ...
New Beginnings
August 02, 2011
We set out to feature athletes from across Japan and capture moments of new beginnings—the kind of moments when athletes get a new chance or a fresh start. Sports are full of these instances.

We want ...
Sony PlayStation
August 25, 2009
Playface is the new branding campaign for PlayStation in Japan introducing PlayStation's controller icon as its new visual identity. The integrated campaign features TV, web, print, out of home and Playface ...
February 01, 2009
Football in Asia is in dire need of players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres, who believe they can change the game with every touch of the ball. IGNITE is a call to action for all Asian footballers ...
A 2010 tribute to Ginsberg's 'Howl' published by McSweeney's Internet Tendency.
Orson Welles of PowerPoint.
Inside every corporate presentation lies a visionary work of art screaming to be let out.
Cover Letter from an Art Major.
Dear Human Relations Sir or Madam, I am writing in search of position within your fine company that would allow me to practically apply my strong background and formal training in The Studio Arts.
'Blog of Myself'
With apologies to Mr. Whitman...
Tokyo Ballers
A day of street hoops at the Yoyogi Park courts in central Tokyo.