Run The World
The people of Shanghai rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they saw a person running on top of a 50 meter tall giant spinning globe. His running made the world go round and as he ran faster the world spun faster.

The stunt “Running makes the world go round” marked the launch of Nike’s new running campaign “Choose Go” and introduced Nike Epic React to a wider audience in China.
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Run The World
March 29, 2018
The people of Shanghai rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they saw a person running on top of a 50 meter tall giant spinning globe. His running made the world go round and as he ran faster the world spun ...
March 13, 2018
Welcome to Reactland. To communicate the feeling of NIKE REACT technology, we launched an immersive video game experience in-store where people can trial the shoes, transport themselves into the game as ...
Shanghai Fast
November 01, 2017
The Shanghai marathon is one of the most important in China, and every year runners join from all over the world. So this year Nike will celebrate the speed of the city and the people in it with a brand ...
Don't Come Back
October 31, 2017
For many Chinese kids who that grow up playing and watching basketball, NBA is a dream too far to reach. Although there are a lot of excellent basketball players in the country, very few of them made it ...
You can't guarantee a win, but you can guarantee a fight.
September 28, 2017
Hong Kongers felt the heat for Rex Tso’s much anticipated fight on October 7, 2017. Before making new headlines for his 22nd win, undefeated Hong Kong professional boxer Rex Tso appeared in the latest ...
Badge of Honor
May 20, 2017
In China, parents want their kids to have fun playing sports but are nervous about the possibility of them getting hurt. So this Children’s Day Nike is offering a symbol of their dedication to sport ...
I Got Next
April 16, 2017
Celebrate the fearlessness of young basketball players and encourage more kids to step onto the court to be the next.
Just Do It 2016
August 22, 2016
We never said what to do. All we said was, “JUST DO IT."
Don't Love Me. Hate Me.
April 06, 2016
Kobe devoted his time, passion and wisdom in Chinese ballers through his trips to China. For Chinese basketball kids, Kobe is not just a basketball super star, but more like a powerful and beloved mentor.
The Epic Step
March 22, 2016
W+K Shanghai called in a group of runners from the Nike+ Run Club and shot them running down the designed route in Chongming Island at night. The runners started from various directions and were equipped ...
November 08, 2015
Shanghai is definitely not the easiest place to run in. The streets are filled with obstacles like pedestrians, hawkers, tourists, scooters and taxis. But rain or shine, streets filled with obstacles, ...
Better For It China
July 13, 2015
Sport is tough on you, especially when you’re a Chinese woman starting
out. The fear of failure, losing face or being laughed at are just some
of the social obstacles that women in China face. Taking ...
Turn Iron Into Steel
April 23, 2015
China loves basketball. But lately, the fans haven’t been feeling love for the CBA (China Basketball Association). Foreign players have been dominating the league and Chinese players seem less tenacious ...
Even Ordinary Can Fly
April 20, 2015
Liu Xiang’s successes were as grand as his losses. Best known for winning gold in the 2004 Athens Olympic games in the 110-meter hurdles and for being the first Chinese athlete to smash a world record ...
Let The Run Tell You Why
November 22, 2013
Speaking directly to the booming running population in Greater China, we ask the question- why do people run? Take a glimpse in to the lives of several runners, including Mr. Sun, 74, who has been running ...
Free Flyknit
August 05, 2013
The ultimate achievement in knitting technology deserves an extraordinary introduction. The Nike Free Flyknit combines the second-skin fit of Flyknit construction and ultimate flexibility of Nike Free. ...
Give Me The Ball
April 15, 2013
“Give Me the Ball” seeks to motivate young Chinese players to dream big, speak up, take charge and make their own mark with just a basketball in their hands.
“Don’t give me fame, I’ll earn ...
Be Amazing
February 29, 2012
Nike wanted to inspire more Chinese girls to participate in sport, so we launched a campaign throughout China on Women's Day (March, 8) to show girls how amazing they could become through sport.
Use Sports
September 01, 2011
Kids in Greater China are doing less and less sports because they don't see any value in it. "Use Sports" is a fresh perspective on sports and an honest, direct message about why sports matter. ...
More than a Flying Man
October 23, 2010
Liu Xiang is one of China’s most famous sports icons. Everyone here knows that he’s a great hurdler, but we wanted to show his fans a different side, that he's more than just a "flying man." ...
September 07, 2010
This series of 6 films follows the well-known model and blogger, Chun Xiao as she struggles her way through a tough Nusoul dance training class. Through her blog readers followed her story of exhaustion, ...
Sportswear AW77 Hoodie
September 07, 2010
We created an online experience allowing users to explore the Nike AW77 hoodie through beautiful, sport-style photos and video interviews with 77 cultural influencers from around China including Michael ...
Run Unleashed
August 01, 2010
We re-launched Nike's running brand to be fresh, fun and irreverent. It’s about running from the gut with no rules or limitations – it’s about freedom and discovery. We created a short web film and ...
Your Game Is Your Voice
April 01, 2010
The Guangzhou Asian Games were a perfect time and place to celebrate sport in China. Nike wasn’t an official sponsor of the Games, but we still had to find an innovative way to make a big statement in ...
GS Polo
April 01, 2010
To launch the GS Polo, we created a football match to excite the senses. Using interactive audio and video motion detectors and projectors; the influencer players became artists creating with sport.
February 01, 2010
Since the original in 1972, the Nike CORTEZ has gone through many transformations of color and style. To bring this evolution to life we created a time lapse video celebrating the many faces of the shoe ...
Love Sport
August 01, 2009
China won over 100 medals at the Beijing Games, but the most anticipated event was the 110-meter hurdle. When Olympic legend Liu Xiang had to withdraw from the race the Bird’s Nest froze in disbelief. ...
Take Sport Further
October 01, 2008
Following a hugely successful 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nike challenged youth to step into the unknown and adopt a new attitude: to see how far they can take sport. The message was delivered through Print/OOH, ...