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Just A Kid
February 26, 2015
No matter where athletes get their start, or what obstacles they face in life, through hard work and determination, they can advance from the very bottom to the very top.
The 60-second launch spot titled “Rose from Concrete” features the first-ever commercial narration by Tupac Shakur. It takes us on a symbolic bike ride from the south side of Chicago to the United Center. It is meant to reflect the journey of Derrick Rose, from a young kid growing up in Englewood, facing a ton of adversity, to his rise as one of the NBA’s best players. And who better to inspire kids along their journey, than an athlete universally known for hard work and positivity.
TV Phase II
The 60-second spot “Churn” is the second in the “Just a Kid” campaign. The parable of a mouse drowning in a bucket of cream serves as a voice over as we follow the true story of Jimmy Graham and the years of hard work he put in to become one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Jimmy was later dropped off in a group home when he was 11. Like many kids, he could have given up. But instead, he fought, and kept fighting until he was able to climb out of the world he’d found himself in.
We're all just a kid from somewhere. Represent your somewhere with limited-edition custom apparel.
Behind The Scenes
In his own words, Derrick Rose explains what it means to be just a kid from Chicago.
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Dannon M.
Jul. 13 2015
I've been searching for months for the creators of the D. Rose Just a Kid commercial. I've never been more inspired by 60 seconds in my life. Thank you for the creativity and vision. The concept and originality may have made me shed a tear or two. I truly have never been more inspired by a commercial.
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Larry P.
Mar. 19 2015
This is a really emotional and authentic campaign that everybody can relate to. It definitely gets my "I wish I'd done it" award. Can I get a "We're all just a kid from somewhere" graphic to put on my Facebook page?

Larry Powell
Just a kid from Stop Six
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