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Intelligence Gathered
October 18, 2012
This campaign leverages the James Bond franchise and upcoming blockbuster Skyfall to highlight a collection of Sony electronics and how they work together.
Featuring 007 agent James Bond in a game of cat and mouse, he storms an embassy while being tracked and identified using Sony technology.
Not just anyone can be employed by MI6. Only those truly fit to serve make the cut. The first step towards doing so is passing the British Intelligence Officer Exam: a series of tests, increasing in difficulty and designed to ascertain the test taker’s cognitive skills, that invites fans to enter the world of MI6 training. Players encounter challenges related to the real-world situations MI6 agents face every day and working in conjunction with MI6 agents, solve challenges using a combination of Sony products.
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Demeter Y.
Feb. 2 2013
what happened to the game??
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