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I Would Run To You
April 04, 2012
Love makes people do crazy things. Like run across the country. See how strong running reunites a long distance couple. The film was directed by renowned commercial director Ringan Ledwidge and shot in three cities and five states over the course of 11 days.
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Jan. 30 2013
Would go down well during Valentine's season
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May. 9 2012
like Robert, i am also looking for an instrumental file.
*please let us know if available!*

i would like to sing I Would Run To You with my to-be husband at our upcoming wedding. We would credit you, W+K, appropriately.
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Apr. 17 2012
Would you be able to provide me with a mp3 file for "I would run to you" minus the voices of the male and female actors? Thanks for your help.
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