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Be Moved
January 10, 2014
A steadfast passion for artistry and commitment to engineering has always been at the core of Sony Electronics.
This is what happens when artists, including director Spike Lee, actress Quvenzhane Wallis, actor Grizz Chapman and DJ Cassidy and engineers work together with the goal to make you feel something.
The following documentary teams up Bruce Zaccagnino, the creator of the world’s largest model railroad at Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey, and Matt Albanese, a photographer specializing in miniatures. The film takes place inside the 52,000 square foot exhibit space featuring dozens of tiny towns, three-story papier-mâché mountains and hundreds of toy trains snaking through a warren of tunnels, past tiny windmills and over bridges made from thousands of toothpicks. Using the Sony’s QX100—a lens-style camera that can be detached from a phone—the team captured Northlandz like never before.