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A digital travel platform and online community to help women of color travel more confidently, more adventurously, and more often.

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On She Goes aims to increase the representation of women travelers of color, through a mix of content and experiences created for and by them. The digital platform consists of video content, original artwork, editorial pieces, and a podcast with guests like The Read’s Crissle West, yogi and author Jessamyn Stanley, Call Your Girlfriend host Aminatou Sow, This American Life’s Stephanie Foo, and Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay.

Since the May 2017 launch, the platform has covered a range of nuanced topics influenced by the intersection of gender and race, such as being Black in Portland, avoiding cultural appropriation, and the possibility of queer dating while traveling abroad.

On She Goes has been able to create opportunities and bylines for hundreds of women writers, illustrators, and photographers of color, and others have taken notice of those unique perspectives as OSG continues to show the depth of our voices and experiences.

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