W+K: Live Design


A proprietary platform that adds a new dimension to product customization

W+K: Live Design

Developed and tested and over four years, Live Design uses motion capture and object tracking to create an augmented reality experience allowing people to design onto their shirt, their car, their shoes, in real-time, while moving, to make a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Live Design adds a new dimension to personalization and heralds the next era of retail experience design. It’s a platform that can be used in different ways, and deployed to events or retail stores. And in 2017, it debuted in the market as the engine for one of the most buzzed-about brand experiences of the year, the Nike Makers Experience.


Launched during Fashion Week in New York, Makers Experience was a partnership between W+K Lodge and Nike’s Innovation Kitchen and merged Live Design’s digital design process with traditional footwear making. It gave guests the chance to design their Nike sneakers in real time, on their feet, and take home a one-of-a-kind shoe, all in just over an hour. Rather than a shiny object or a gratuitous application of tech for its own sake, this project fulfills a key mission that Nike brought to us—to create a true leap forward in product personalization.

In building Live Design and the Makers Experience, our team and process were shaped around not just ideating, designing and creating an experience, but sustaining and evolving a product in market.

Via Makers Experience, Live Design provoked a visceral, enthusiastic response from sneaker fans and from the media and provided a glimpse at the future of the retail experience.

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