Uber: Thank You For Not Riding


When you stay home, we can all move what matters.

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A company that moves people is asking you not to move. In April, Uber launched their PSA-style campaign, Uber Stop Moving, urging riders to help save lives and end this virus by staying home. The newest spot, “Thank You for Not Riding,” introduces the next part of the campaign.

To make this film, Uber partnered with Wieden+Kennedy and PRETTYBIRD to put a call out to filmmaker friends from all around the world. The idea was to have our stuck-at-home filmmakers document their new reality, as they find creative ways of living their lives in the current world, entertaining their families, and schooling restless children

“Our message with this campaign is pretty simple: Stop moving,” said Thomas Ranese, VP of global marketing at Uber. “We felt it was particularly relevant for a company whose brand stands for movement to reinforce this important message. And we don’t think you can repeat it enough.”

It’s not every day that a company thanks people for not using its services, but during this pandemic, Uber recognizes how important it is to do their part. This is why Uber, with the help of its drivers, couriers, and restaurant partners, has committed to providing 10 million free rides and food deliveries to healthcare workers, seniors, and people in need all around the world.

These filmmakers, along with everyone who stays at home, make life easier for those who can’t stay home. Together they can make a difference.

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