Travel Oregon: Only Slightly More Exaggerated


Travel Oregon launches part two of its viral animated campaign and gives viewers a creative new glimpse at the magical feeling of being in Oregon

ORTPBRDP0023 PR PDX 1920x1080

It’s no easy feat to capture the true beauty of Oregon’s mountains and lakes, and sometimes a picture just isn’t enough. Similar to the original “Only Slightly Exaggerated” spot from 2018, this year’s animated film was designed to capture the magic and emotional experience of visiting Oregon beyond traditional travel films and images. The fantastical, over-the-top animation re-creates actual locations in Oregon, including Terwilliger Hot Springs, the Neskowin Ghost Forest, and Steens Mountain, bringing a high level of sophistication mixed with a sense of whimsy that never feels too childish.

ORTPBRDP0023 PR NGhostForest 1920x1080

Whereas last year the goal was to showcase as much of the state as possible, this year creatives Ansel Wallenfang and Nick Stokes spent more time in fewer places, getting to know the characters better and exploring new scenes like the macro world of a bee in wildflowers. This year’s film leaned on the same team as last year, with animation by Psyop and Sun Creature, and a musical score composed by Jim Dooley.

The film appeared across Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Boise, Tri-Cities, Eugene, and Bend, and included cinema, TV, digital, and billboards. It will also be extended throughout the year through Travel Oregon’s annual visitor guide, downloadable wallpapers, posters, postcards, GIFs, animation clips, and more. The aim is to inspire travelers and Oregonians to take a step back from the distractions of everyday life and experience the wonders of Oregon.

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