Three: Pony


Connecting people and refreshing a brand the only sensible way: dancing ponies.

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As the network built for the internet, we wanted to show that Three is the company that knows the internet best.

People increasingly use their mobile devices to share content to make each other smile. To make it clear that Three knows the importance of connecting people, we decided to make a stand for the internet’s silly stuff. To create buzz, we launched the moonwalking pony with high impact TV and digital media.

We combined a lovable piece of TV content with an infectious, populist music track, together with the ability to mash up and share your own versions. The Pony Mixer was built as a single responsive site that works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop.


The campaign generated 1.5 million YouTube views after the first weekend and over 20 million to date. 95% of people who were sent the film shared it with someone else. There were over 1.3 million ponies generated via The Pony Mixer.

During the 17-day campaign, there were 190,000 Tweets using the campaign hashtag #DancePonyDance and a grand total of over 100 million impressions. Positive online sentiment towards the brand increased by 67% and Three left the world in no doubt that it's the network built to bring you the stuff you love.

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