Super Bowl 2023 Round-Up

A look at our Super Bowl work from around the network.

Super Bowl 2023 Round-Up

McDonald's: Couples Interview

Everyone has a McDonald’s order. That truth has been inspiring McDonald’s work for years, including what we call Famous Orders. Our new campaigns were inspired by an evolution of that truth: part of loving someone is knowing their go-to order. We first explore this idea with a Super Bowl spot full of real-life couples, including notable McDonald’s lovers Cardi B & Offset. Then two days later, on Valentine’s Day, we continue with our first Famous Order in almost two years, and our first couple’s meal ever: The Cardi B & Offset Meal.

Michelob ULTRA: New Member's Day

For Super Bowl LVII we asked ourselves again: where else do the players play when they’re not playing? Welcome to New Member’s Day at America’s most beloved stuffy golf course, Bushwood Country Club from the iconic movie Caddyshack, where once again the stuffy country club establishment is being shaken up by a bunch of new members. Only this time around, those new members are some of the greatest athletes in the world, bringing with them a more fun approach to the game.

FanDuel: Kick Of Destiny

Galvanizing America around the FanDuel Super Bowl spot isn’t an easy task. Fortunately, beloved former NFL All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski was up to the challenge. Introducing the FanDuel Kick of Destiny – a live field goal, during the Super Bowl, with ten million dollars on the line.

Throughout the NFL playoffs, we launched a series of films that depicted Gronk’s journey to the big game: finding out about the kick from his agent, an epic 80s training montage with Adam Vinatieri, and finally getting grilled by the media.

In Phoenix, home of Super Bowl LVII, we let fans kick for FanDuel credits, inspect a marble bust of Gronk’s foot, and plastered the city with our 80s-inspired poster.

And then came the kick, with the entire nation watching. Just one man standing between them and ten million dollars.

TurboTax: Dancer

This year’s SB spot is an extension of our “Come To TurboTax” campaign, which launched in January, encouraging people to meet with a TurboTax expert who can do their taxes, freeing them to get back to enjoying their life. As Super Bowl is the culmination of that campaign, we wanted to demonstrate/celebrate the joy and freedom you feel once you meet with a TurboTax expert that does your taxes for you. And what better way to demonstrate joy than by dancing as if everyone is watching?

“Dancer” was filmed in Mexico City, along with the entirety of our other brand campaign films, by Director Fiona McGee.

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