Stella Artois Korea : The Stella Reunion


Stella Artois teamed up with Kim Seo-Hyung to reunite two old friends and remind them of the importance of sharing life together.


Koreans are some of the hardest workers in the world. So often their busy lifestyles can lead to excuses for why we don’t see those closest to us and 2020 has thrown up even more barriers to meeting loved ones. As the beer brand that encourages drinkers to savour every moment together, Stella Artois wanted to do something to put this right.

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Celebrated actress Kim Seo-Hyung, the star of last year’s ‘Become an Icon’ campaign for Stella, continued her relationship with the brand but this time she was not the heroine of the campaign. Instead, the heroines are Kim Jae Jung and Kim Min Ji, two real life friends who need a reunion.


Jae Jung and Min Jee had met on a holiday in Spain and became great friends over a number of years. Min Jee has used her talents as a top pastry chef to help Jae Jung set up a cafe. However since then their busy lives had made it harder and harder to see each other and Jae Jung didn’t have a chance to reciprocate Min Jee’s kindness. It was time for that to change.


KSH and KJJ secretly set about creating a carefully constructed journey, centered around a cooking class hosted by MJ. Her day took surreal twists and turns as clues began to be dropped before they eventually led KMJ to her emotional reunion with KJJ. The action was was filmed by 6 hidden cameras and took place across multiple iconic spots in Seoul, including the final surprise being a message from JJ shown on the enormous COEX screen in Kpop Square.

The day of surprises ended with our three ladies toasting friendship over a cold chalice of Stella Artois.

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