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Secret kick-starts a conversation around closing the gender wage gap

Secret has always been about supporting women. And in addition to deodorant, it also believes there are some things women shouldn’t have to sweat about, like getting paid what they’re worth.

In November 2018, to kick-start a conversation around closing the gender wage gap, Secret launched its I’d Rather Get Paid campaign, which centers around the reality that, while much progress for women has been made, women still aren’t paid equally to men.

The film is in the form of a music video and features a number of well-known equal-pay advocates, including actress and activist Sophia Bush; actress Samira Wiley; journalist, activist, and tastemaker Catt Sadler; soccer legend Abby Wambach; and two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time WNBA champion Swin Cash, among others.

Samira Wiley Image
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But it’s not just about talking. The campaign takes on the real issues that women face every day, like getting paid 20% less than men. Secret also added on its own partnerships with organizations like Ladies Get Paid and The Wing to showcase that the campaign and the brand are looking to help give women the tools they can use to change the future. From promoting gender pay equity within their own company to joining in 2018 and championing women for more than 60 years, P&G will continue to speak up for what’s right—and this video is one more piece of its story.

With more than 80 influencer posts and over 5.4 million YouTube views, the spot served as a starting point for continuing the gender wage gap discussion.

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