P&G: Thank You, Mom

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Creating an emotional connection between a global company, its brands, and people.

At first blush, P&G doesn’t have an obvious connection with the Olympics. But every Olympic athlete has, or had, a mom. And P&G loves moms. That became the connection that drove the creation of a powerful idea that would play out across a broad range of content and experiences.

We didn’t make the athletes our heroes; we celebrated their moms. We created a fully integrated Thank You, Mom campaign that acknowledged a mom’s rightful place in these Games.

The tagline, “P&G, Proud sponsor of Moms” was used to tie in all elements of the campaign. We empowered our consumers by providing a way for them to participate. We developed a unique digital platform for consumers to thank and honor their own moms. Most importantly, we walked the talk for P&G’s first-ever corporate campaign. P&G built the P&G Family Home, the first “home away from home” for moms and families of Olympic athletes, and flew all Team USA moms to the Olympics.

Expanding on the groundwork that we laid during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, we continue to create a new, fresh perspective on our Thank You, Mom campaign that is relevant globally and on a local level.


In 2010, Thank You, Mom was the biggest and most successful global campaign in P&G’s 175-year history with: $500 million in global incremental P&G sales, 76 billion global media impressions, over 74,000,000 global views, And over 370,000,000 Twitter interactions.

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