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To evolve a landmark campaign, we turned to the original activists: our moms.

We found the answer to this brief in the simple, yet universally relevant idea that bias is a force that threatens human potential globally, and when it comes to fighting against this destructive element, our moms are our first advocates. They are the original activists. In big and small ways, they fight for us, encourage us, and fortify our potential wherever and whenever they get a chance. In a time when our differences threaten to divide us, a mom’s love show us what it means stand by each other, hold each other up, and champion one another, no matter what.

Through a series of films, including the Cannes Lion-winning anthem, “Love Over Bias,” and vignettes featuring Olympic athletes and their moms, we set out to show the impact of unconscious bias on people’s lives. Whether it’s based on race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or class, when bias rears its ugly head, a mother’s love can overcome.

And instead of just talking about conquering bias, we put the idea into action, from the way we made the campaign, to the way it showed up in the world. We hired documentary director and Free The Bid Founder Alma Ha’rel, the first female director ever on the campaign. We chose Chinese-American artist MILCK—who Alma discovered at the women’s march on Washington—to sing our soundtrack, an affecting version of “Ooh Child.”

"This time around, we wanted to not only take a fresh approach executionally, but push the role that a mom plays in supporting her kids by showing that a mom's love can overcome unconscious bias,” says W+K’s Patty Orlando, one of the creatives behind the campaign. “I've always believed that moms are the original activists. We tried to live our message of Love Over Bias as much as possible by building a team of women, people of color, and people in the LGBT community to make this campaign. Being the first creative who is a mom to work on this campaign, the message was especially important to me."

Wieden+Kennedy has been making us tear up year after year with the "Thank You Mom" campaigns for P&G and the Olympic Games. It's exciting to be the first woman director to take on this campaign in the year that it highlights "Love over Bias." I hope that MILCK's rendition of "Ooh Child" and the love that mothers everywhere give their children, are a reminder that things “need to,” and can “get brighter.’” - Alma Har'el, Director

To launch we tapped LGBT rights advocate, Ellen Degeneres, premiering the “Love Over Bias” film on her show. Moms posted their own gut-wrenching testimonials on social media and #LoveOverBias became an official Twitter moment.

"This 'Thank You, Mom' spot is about having hope no matter the circumstances,” says W+K copywriter Kervins Chauvet. “My personal hope is that this spot makes people think of the unique brand of love we receive from our mothers, and to imagine the impact if we extended that kind of love to one another."

The campaign generated five billion earned media impressions, and more importantly, people worldwide were using the words "Love Over Bias" to thank moms for being a remarkable and shining example of unconditional love.

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