Old Spice: The Scent of Success


A brand success story speaks to the importance of long-term collaboration and creativity.

Old Spice: The Scent of Success

As the brand voice solidified, so did the confidence between teams. In truth, it was several years of experimenting and learning that led us to “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” This was no overnight phenomenon; it was a testament to a partnership built on trust and hard work.

Communications aside, the business partnership between W+K and Old Spice has been absolutely instrumental to our success. We built almost every new product together, holistically, from the ground up (alongside engineers, perfumers, packaging designers, and more). What problem are we solving? Who is the target? What’s an on-brand solution? By the time the first prototype arrived, a creative idea was already baked inside.

Today, our experimental partnership remains alive and well. And we continue to push each other to create things that have never been done before. Old Spice is back on top and has solidified its place not just as the definitive leader in the male grooming category but as one of the most entertaining brands on the planet.

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