Old Spice: S.Q.U.I.D


How a robotic squid for Old Spice became the most successful branded activation on Twitch.

These “dudes” from all over the planet came together as one to man this robotic sea beast through the rigors of personal growth. Via their phone or desktop, each of the thousands of players got to take their turn at the controls of a real robotic tentacle.

This was all hosted on the popular live-streaming gaming platform, Twitch. Players queued up and took turns manipulating their assigned tentacle with seven other players as they attempted to complete the assigned tasks of each day.

Each day featured multiple coming-of-age tasks for S.Q.U.I.D. to complete. The tasks mimicked real-life “growing up” scenarios, like getting a summer job, making the hockey team, and hitting the dating scene.

As thousands of players interacted with our performers while they controlled S.Q.U.I.D., even more powered the game through the Twitch community chat feed.

The people in the chat were able to instantly and directly engage with the story through name suggestions, voting, and a special emote that when typed enough times would release a torrent of squid ink all over the stage and actors.

Over three days, S.Q.U.I.D. generated over two million views, and thousands of unique players each had their turn controlling one of the tentacles, making it the top-trending stream and the most-watched branded event ever on Twitch.

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