Nike USAB: Unlimited Together

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Nike Basketball and Chance the Rapper write a national anthem for USA Basketball.

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To celebrate this moment in sports and culture, Nike Basketball called upon rising hip-hop star Chance the Rapper to write a song—an anthem our national teams could call their own. The song and music video debuted during a time when the US continued to confront the challenges of political conflict and societal division, and the Olympics provided a unique opportunity to celebrate unity and the unifying power of sport.

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Nike Basketball also, for the first time ever, shot the official USA Olympic Basketball team photo with both the men’s and women’s teams, together. The official photo by celebrated music photographer Danny Clinch shows the global basketball superpower as a united front.

“And the Gold Medal in Olympic music marketing goes to…” - The Atlantic

“Wow” - ESPN

The music video was seen over 312 million times and covered by media outlets from USA Today and The Atlantic to Esquire, Billboard, Noisey and Stereogum. It drove half of all Nike’s Facebook user engagement during the 2016 Olympics.

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