Nike: Risk Everything


A bold idea, a global view, and real-time content solidify Nike as a World Cup leader.


The World Cup is the most watched, most loved sporting event globally. To realize our goal, we needed more than just a global campaign, we needed a global entertainment experience that wouldn’t feel out of place in the company of the tournament. And we wanted to bring it to life in a way that would enter the world’s consciousness and spark its imagination.

It was a campaign with a sharp point of view—Risk Everything—and it aimed to take on the dull, predictable football that had dominated the past few tournaments.

The campaign debuted with a series of films, including “The Last Game,” a 5-minute animated film that highlighted the dangers of playing it safe. This gave us a world and a cast of characters who could speak on Nike’s behalf, react to moments in real-real time, and engage with the audience.

During the tournament, we assembled an integrated team (including Nike, W+K, several other agencies and key media partners) housed in one location that was operational 24 hours a day for 30 days across 22 languages.

We created more than 200 pieces of unique content in real-time, crafting and animating storylines across global platforms and working with key partners like ESPN, Xbox, Google, Facebook, Weibo and Televisa.

In the end, Nike was the most-viewed brand of the tournament.



Nike was solidified as the #1 football brand in the world.

  • $2.3 billion in revenue for the brand (21% YOY increase).
  • Overall footwear sales are up 25% across key football markets. Source: Nike FY 2015 Q1.

Nike dominated the football conversation—this was Nike's strongest social campaign to date.

  • Over 400 million views on digital video platforms.
  • 23 million people engaged with the content by liking, re-tweeting or commenting on the campaign.
  • Nike is now connected to 75% of all football-obsessed teens in the top 20 markets.
  • "The Last Game" film was Facebook's most-shared video ever.

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