Nike React: Reactland


An immersive experience that gamified the in-store product trial.

Nike React: Reactland

“Reactland” was an immersive experience installed in stores around China where shoppers would run on a treadmill and become the heroes of a game. Players could control an avatar of themselves running through a fantastical land that represented the attributes of the shoe (soft, light, and bouncy). Shoppers would try on the shoes, have their photo taken, and create an avatar before stepping onto the treadmill. Using a hand controller to jump, the aim was to get as far as they could in the game. The further they got, the higher up the leaderboard they went. Players left the experience with a customized 10-second video of themselves running through "Reactland" to share on social media.

3 Aerial
Aerial Distance
Interior 360

The experience was installed in four stores and one pop-up location in China and ran for one month. Once experiencing the game, 48% of players bought the shoes.

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