Nike: Shanghai's Never Done


Nike’s “Shanghai's Never Done” celebrates the never-satisfied spirit of Shanghai athletes by centering on a man who seems stuck in the past.

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In the film, Mr. Lin complains about how Shanghai athletes can’t seem to get enough. The film shows a Shanghai where marathon runners avoid the finish line to keep going, high school basketball games are sent into the 33rd period of overtime, skateboarders build seven-story-tall half-pipes, and MMA fighters refuse to tap out.

This relentless spirit is also dominant in the city itself. An endless drive for constant development and modernization has taken Shanghai from port city to a global metropolis in 80 years and turned a nearly empty field into one of the world’s most recognizable skylines in a fraction of that time. And the city isn’t slowing down.

“Shanghai's Never Done” pushes Shanghainese athletes to bring the never-enough spirit to sports.

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