Nike: Minohodoshirazu


Reframing a phrase, and the limits of everyday athletes.

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However, Nike believes that "not knowing your place”—not placing limits on yourself—is a necessary mind-set for athletes. By combining the idea of minohodoshirazu with Japanese athletes challenging their limits, we wanted to give the phrase a surprising, positive meaning.

We aimed to inspire Japanese youth with Nike's Just Do It spirit by giving them an opportunity to reevaluate and redefine a traditional phrase.

A spot featured four athletes flying in the face of traditional minohodoshirazu—dancer Koharu Sugawara, mid-long distance runner Nozomi Musembi Takamatsu, professional basketball player Tomoya Ochiai, and professional soccer player Ryotaro Ito.

We continued the athletes’ stories on digital, while also allowing people to share their own "Minohodoshirazu Stories" via social media.

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