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In a place where headlines of an ongoing ‘gender war’ continue to dominate the cultural conversation, there is a growing mentality of us vs. them, women vs. men, girls vs. boys. From the formative years of young children feel that in many aspects of life, and in sport, your path is predetermined for you. But as true believers in the power of sport, Nike upholds that your place in sport isn’t defined by your gender, experience, or perceived skill set. In fact, we all have something to gain from one another, and a more inclusive sport environment is a point from which we can build from to progress, together.


“You don’t have to be perfect. It is important that we, not me, move forward little by little together.” - Kim Min-kyung

Led by comedian Kim Min-kyung, a representative not only of body positivity but the willingness to try, fail, and learn in sport; Kim Ra-kyung, a baseball player who has chased her dreams no matter the perceived gender barrier; and Nike athletes Kwak Royoung, Yeo Junseok, and actor Park Jaemin, students from Youngma Middle School experienced a transformed version of their school playground, playing through active challenges in baseball, basketball, soccer, and running to learn more about each other, to learn more from each other, and to discover yourself.

나이키 모두의 운동장 (Playground for All)

The resulting film “Playground for All”, documents the experience of these students, capturing all the real moments of trepidation to elation associated with finding their new role, and new voice on the playground built for them. The authenticity comes from the real event at Yongma Middle School, where young girls and boys were invited to play together for the first time. For this event, Nike built the students a new playground structure, designed unique team sport missions and partnered with Nike athletes and comedian Kim Min-kyung to help coach and mentor the students through their first ever inclusive playground experience.


Wieden+Kennedy participated in the project as a creative partner, together with art & directing collective The Glue Society, production team Nine Tailed Fox, youth sports community organization SportsKOK, design by Gute Form and photography by Park SungBae.


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