Nike Korea: A New Day

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As with the saying that one must break out of the old world to be born new, I believe that no matter how hard it is to move forward a new chapter for change, if someone does not speak out, we will be just stuck in a long-standing vicious cycle of many unfair practices.” These are the words of world champion speed skater Shim Sukhee, who made international news for her bravery in speaking out against abuse in the Korean sports world. “A New Day” celebrates the joy of sports – not defined by competition, excellence, or rigidity, but instead of inclusion, fun and breaking the boundaries of what sport means for all people and their communities. Alongside the film, Nike Korea and prominent athletes and organizations, like the National Korean football and basketball associations also signed a statement as a “Promise for a New Future of Sports.' This statement states the brand’s commitment to help change the landscape of sport in Korea and looks to encourage more athletes to join in this journey together.

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