Nike: Further than Ever


Encouraging women to go too far

Kung Fu Cha Cha Atlantic

Chinese Women have long been encouraged to be strong, successful, independent and ambitious. However, it has always been followed by an unspoken, “within reason.” The goal of this campaign was to take on that idea and show that anything is possible while highlighting local Chinese women who are pushing the boundaries and inspiring their community.

The spot includes, Tennis champion Li Na, five-star boxing champion Cai Zong Ju, professional high jumper Cecilia Yeung, champion rowers Kung Fu Cha Cha (Tina Liang Mintian, Cloris Chen Yuli, Amber Li Xiaobing and Sarah Meng), as well as blogger and mental health advocate Nina Guo.

The campaign was led by an anthem commercial, but also included local installations, out-of-home and film. While their personal stories are different, each of the women within the campaign women is proving what’s possible when you push yourself further than ever.

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