Nike: Badge Of Honor


We created a product and a platform that conquered a cultural obstacle to play.

Nike: Badge Of Honor

We created a real product: a special edition Nike bandage with a fun, compelling comic design. There were four editions of the bandage packs, themed around football, basketball, skateboarding, and running. The bandages included in each pack folded out to form a comic strip that told a story of characters that fall down and get back up to experience triumph in the sport.

"Turning already useful bandages into comic book messages of inspiration is just genius" -Forbes


With such a powerful idea, we decided to launch the campaign on a day when all eyes were on China’s kids: Children’s Day. And so on the biggest day of the year for Chinese kids, the Badge of Honor was distributed to over 100 key Nike stores across the country. And with every purchase of a Nike Young Athletes product, the consumer received one pack of the bandages.

We didn’t stop there: the Badge of Honor continued to take over the Shanghai Marathon Family Run, in which over 5,000 families finished the race wearing our bandages.


In one week, all 100,000 bandage packs were sold out across China.

“When you play, play hard” became the hottest topic on Chinese social media on Children’s Day. Nike athletes, celebrities, and influencers joined the wave to demonstrate how they wear the Badge of Honor proudly.

Our animation films became the hottest Children’s Day content and reached 34 million views.

Badge of Honor was featured on hundreds of Chinese and global media sites, including Forbes, which called it “genius.”

This little idea was indeed huge, and we’re already working on the next round of stories and content for kids in China based on the Badge of Honor platform.

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