Montblanc: What Moves You Makes You


Redefining the meaning of success

‘What Moves You, Makes You’ aims to inspire people to express their full potential by doing what truly moves them, rather than following a more conventional path to success. In 2020, the brand was able to tell the extraordinary stories of Mark Makers, individuals living their life doing what inspires them the most and leaving their mark along the way. After spotlighting the journeys of award-winning director Spike Lee, actor Taron Egerton, and actor, singer, writer Chen Kun, this tells the stories of two new and exceptional Mark Makers.

02 Cillian Murphy Montblanc PR image
01 Cillian Murphy Montblanc PR image
02 Peggy Gou Montblanc PR image
01 Peggy Gou Montblanc PR image

This campaign highlights authentic stories supporting the idea that following your passion defines you as a person. At the center of the campaign is a 2-minute Q&A film with Cillian Murphy, as he talks about his profession, his inspiration, and striving to push his craft forward. And in a satirical twist on the classic Q&A, in which Peggy Gou becomes both the interviewer and interview, a 1-minute film reveals the intimate side of the rising star, as she talks about her identity and work – focusing on her love of food, music and style.

The integrated campaign rolled out across Europe, China, Korea and the USA, through a series of online films, print, digital, out-of-home and social content, conveying the message that Montblanc products are made to accompany you on your journey as you pursue what you love.

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