KFC Cheetos Sandwich


There’s a new Colonel in town; he’s three feet tall and orange and here to introduce KFC’s new partnership with Cheetos.

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To promote the new limited-time-only Cheetos Sandwich, KFC pushed their thinking outside the bucket and beyond its usual cast of actors and musicians to bring Colonel Chester to life. Starring in a range of nostalgic ’90s throwback TV ads, Colonel Chester saves the day for some hungry kids, aboard a skateboard and donning his best white Colonel suit.

The Cheetos Sandwich is an Extra Crispy chicken filet in a “special Cheetos sauce” with mayonnaise, layered with a “thumb, index, and middle fingers’ pinch of crunchy Cheetos,” all set inside a toasted bun.

To prepare for the role, Colonel Chester posed in a digital billboard spot and even took over a New York City KFC to host an Instagrammable and exclusive pop-up event on June 27. The party featured one-of-a-kind KFC and Cheetos mashup menu items available only at the event and an exclusive first taste of the new Cheetos Sandwich for consumers.

To mark the special collaboration, the W+K KFC team even created limited-edition Colonel Chester posters flocked with actual Cheetos dust.