KFC: Bucket Hat


KFC Russia collaborates with streetwear brand to drop a one-of-a-kind bucket hat.

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KFC Russia partnered with St.Petersburg-based streetwear brand Mam Cupy to design a one-of-a-kind finger lickin’ stylish bucket hat. Turning fashion (and the KFC logo) upside down, the statement piece doubles up as a streetwear accessory and, if you fancy it, a chicken holding bucket.

Originally an 80s trend piece, the bucket hat made a comeback in the 90s and having made the product life cycle once more, it has revived as this year’s essential streetwear summer accessory. The design repeats the look of the KFC iconic bucket, with its red and white stripes, complemented with KFC and Mam Cupy logos.

Photographer and filmmaker Arthur Couvat, who has previously worked with Nowness, Vice, Vans skateboarding – shot the campaign which includes a series of imagery shot on 35mm film and a short film shot on 16mm.

We started working with the brand last year. Ahead of this project, three further campaigns have worked to relaunch the brand in Russia and put the Colonel into the spotlight for the first time ever in the country – most recently the “Chicken is Crunch! Chicken is Taste!” song launched the Colonel’s new Lunch Bucket.

The limited release KFC x Mam Cupy bucket hat is available to buy now in Russia from