KFC: 11 Herbs & Spices


One of the most talked about social stunts of 2017 required zero production dollars.

KFC has arguably the most famous secret recipe in the world, and so we set out to celebrate the 11 herbs & spices in a unique way. Our idea was simple: hide an Easter egg in KFC’s Twitter account by following only 11 people—six guys named Herb and all five Spice Girls. We also quietly unfollowed the 35,000 accounts KFC was already following, and then waited.

And waited.

Finally, one Twitter user discovered the joke. When his tweet went viral, it kick-started a whirlwind of conversation about KFC’s Original Recipe and drove nearly 2.5 billion impressions over two weeks. It was everywhere from the Today show to the number one post on Reddit’s front page.

To reward the fan who made the discovery, we sent an oil painting of him with the Colonel, garnering a whole new wave of earned media coverage and admiration from fans for the clever stunt.

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