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IKEA highlights sustainability with a migrating band of discarded bottles

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The film stars the GUNRID Curtain, just one of the thousands of IKEA productions that's both sustainable and beautiful. Not only is the GUNRID curtain made from recycled plastic bottles, it also purifies the air in your home.

The film tells the story of a discarded plastic bottle on its journey to becoming the GUNRID curtain. After seeing the life cycle of the plastic bottle, from the street to a curtain, the film comes full circle when we see a boy help his dad recycle a plastic bottle at home, which will become another GUNRID curtain in the future. The tagline “Good for me, good for the planet” pays off the message at the end of the spot.

The film, which aired regionally across China, Japan, and South Korea, is part of IKEA’s new global focus on sustainability and affordability. Although the company has a long history of being sustainably-minded, this year will mark the first time that IKEA has communicated publicly about its efforts. In addition to the film, the campaign will be supported by digital and social.

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