HP and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Relaunch the PC gaming brand with a brainy, integrated campaign across China and APJ

“In a fast-growing society like China, gaming is seen as a pause from everyday progress, said Renee Zhang, head of planning at W+K Shanghai. “Revealing the benefits of gaming was essential to really celebrate gaming for what it is.”

Each film delivers a powerfully entertaining message about the positive effects that PC gaming can have on the brain. The film “Mental Stamina” features three of China’s legendary esports gamers LoveZrr, Wink, and AmazingJ from Team RNG. The other two films showcase how gaming can increase your ability to focus under pressure as well as work as a better teammate to everyone from friends, exes, parents and even strangers.

As Tree Chan, creative director at W+K Shanghai explains, “We want to empower gamers to feel proud of who they are and show what their potential can be by putting the magic of their brains on display.”

To bring the benefits of PC gaming to light in experiential, W+K and HP OMEN chose the biggest gaming moment of the year in Asia, ChinaJoy, to launch the campaign with THE GAMEWAVES SCANNER. Created in collaboration with North Kingdom, the experience used cutting-edge brain-scan technology that measured brainwaves to create a live performance projected across screens, powered by the minds of gamers. For the first time ever, the world was given a window into the gamer’s mind to see how gaming improves skills such as teamwork, focus, mental stamina, responsiveness, memory, and even creativity.

“Gaming moves us in amazing ways. So we created an experience at ChinaJoy that celebrates what gaming truly is: a wild and colorful party in your brain with real-world benefits,” said Ian Toombs, ECD at W+K Shanghai.

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